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About me April 12, 2009

Posted by globejam in Uncategorized.

Once upon a time, there was a village. It was a rather crowded village full of extremely selfish, self-centered people. In the middle of the village was a huge tree and on that tree, lived a monkey. The monkey saw all the goings-on from its vantage on top of the tree and grew to dislike all the selfish people that lived around it. To display its displeasure, every time some villager passed by, the monkey would shout the choicest abuses at them. It would call them names, compare them to various body parts, make obscene gestures and generally taunt them.

The villagers first tried to ignore the monkey but soon could not stand it any more. So the village chief called all the people together to discuss how to get rid of the monkey. First they decided to throw stones at it and chase it away. But the monkey was far too nimble footed and dodged all the missiles thrown at it. When several other plans failed and they had all but given up, they came to hear of an expert monkey exterminator who lived in a city far, far away. At great cost, they brought him to the village and asked him to get rid of the monkey, one way or another.

The expert tried his usual bag of tricks without much success. One thing he realized however, was that the monkey had this habit of repeating everything he did. So the next day the expert bought two identical looking knives, one the real deal and the other with a retractable false blade. He threw the real knife to the monkey and kept the false one with himself.

He then rubbed the blade of his knife against his hand and the monkey did the same with its knife. Next he pretended to comb his hair with his knife and the monkey followed suit. After several other actions, the expert finally thrust his false knife with great force into his abdomen, screamed on top of voice and dramatically fell down dead!

The monkey did the same, bringing the knife down towards its abdomen with all the force it could muster. Just when the expert thought that it was all going to be over, the blade stopped, an inch from the monkey’s abdomen. The monkey then coolly turned and looked the expert in the eye, and with a wicked grin, said votha dai!

I could be that monkey.



1. padmajav - April 14, 2009

Good one… i’m sure maami would love this!

2. aruna kanchi - April 29, 2009

Had fun reading the posts – and landed up not doing any work.

3. mkapilkumar - December 7, 2009

that was awesome..!

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