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My first brush with idiots! April 12, 2009

Posted by globejam in Uncategorized.

When I was very young, there lived 3 brothers down the street from my house. They were the first really obnoxious people I met. They made lewd comments at every woman passing by their house, stole whatever and whenever they could, and vandalized homes at every opportunity. They were also really dumb.

Their father, a professor in some college, when informed of the atrocities committed by the trio, would beat them to pulp, but that only made them hardier and more violent.

The father had a pet dog named Tiger on which he showered all the affection that his sons did not deserve. Tiger, in turn was like his shadow, always with him, and let me assure you, every ounce of affection he ever got he returned with interest. You could not think of one without the other and their bond was so strong that the professor came to be known around our street as Tiger’s father.

The three uncouth delinquents will never be named here, but when and if I write about them, they will be collectively referred to as Tiger’s father’s sons.



1. maami - April 14, 2009

Didn’t Bheema, the amazon, have a crush on one of the tigers?

globejam - April 14, 2009

I wouldn’t be surprised! But I think not.

2. aruna kanchi - April 29, 2009

Oh I don’t remember tiger’s father or his sons! Where was I?

globejam - May 8, 2009

You were right there. I don’t know how you don’t remember!

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