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Terms of endearment April 14, 2009

Posted by globejam in Marathi.

Deshastha Marathi 101 :- Common phrases

Arey mada (m)

Meaning: Roughly translated as You dead body.

Usage: A term of endearment.  Between brothers or by father towards son.  Can also be used to address any male  who happens to be the object of your affection.

Related word(s):

Aga Mada:  The feminine form of Arey Mada (see above).  Used by husband to address wife, typically starting immediately after the honeymoon.  Continues to get used even if the relationship turns sour (but with different tone).



1. padmajav - April 14, 2009

“typically starting immediately after the honeymoon” was hilarious!! waiting for more enlightenment!!!

globejam - April 15, 2009

is a true! 🙂

2. aruna kanchi - April 29, 2009

Of all the times to recall the phrase (arre madya) it suddenly emerged out of forgotten depths while I was watching the funeral of the last pope! All the time the solemn procession proceeded and hundreds and thousands around the world wept copious tears, I was rolling around with laughter!

globejam - May 8, 2009

Sacrilege :)!

3. Saritha - July 7, 2009

My brother and I were, well, precocious kids, but I could hold my tongue at least back then. But as soon as my brother heard our grandfather had died, he blurted out, “Thamma Aaja MADA owngeletha ka?” (So, then, has grandfather become the dead body?). This was said with much stress on the ‘M’ word. Poor kid was just doing the usual school drill of ‘Use in sentence’. How was he to know it would cause much clearing of throats and embarassed scrutiny of mosaic-flooring?

globejam - July 7, 2009

LOL! The first time I heard it was when my uncle called his wife “Aga mada”. I was horrified and hoped that she would respond with a “Kai-rey mada”, but was disappointed when she responded with a “yethaen manjeen”.

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