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Secrets from our hoary past May 5, 2009

Posted by globejam in Nonsense.

Today, I am going to bring to you, for the first time ever, in written form, a secret known only to a select few Deshasthas. Something so enigmatic that it makes secrets like the Masonic handshake and the traditions of the knights of templar seem like mere child’s play.

I have to do this because I can no longer deny my thirst for knowledge, nor rid myself of this strong belief that the time for this secret to come out and save mankind is now.

Now, dear reader, if something happens to me, because of all that I am about to reveal, remember to repeat the words that I am going to divulge until the truth is out!  I implore you not to give in so that my efforts do not go to waste.

Back to the secret.  This comes from the heartland of Deshasthas – Triplicane.  The key to the secret is a ditty that has been passed down from one generation to the next solely by way of word-of-mouth. For hundreds of years, from every generation a few chosen children are taught this at a very young age and through a process of repetition made to learn every syllable, every glottal stop and every nuance of it, so that it may be faithfully passed on without any distortion.  Its meaning is said to be so profound that mere mortals cannot fathom the depth of the contents of these few words.

Hold your breath now, for I am going to write it only once.  

Aggi-pettay, Giggi-pettay
Kozhi, Kodhamma
Pilli, Pithuk

Lore has it that there are three groups of deshasthas who have been entrusted with three different portions of a secret that can be extremely devastating if known to a single person.  It is believed that the above ditty is used every thirty years or so to help each of the three groups to ensure that the other groups exist and are continuing to guard their portion of the secret for that day when a sign will tell them what to do.

Most recently, my research tells me, the call to unite the three groups was made through a popular tamil film song whose original lyrics started with Aggipettay, giggipettay, kharrompettay, pettay rap!

While the meaning of the ditty has been lost for ever, my efforts towards unlocking the secret have led me to believe that the the first line refers to two places, and the second line to a specific chicken dish that is available only in a village in Tanjore. I have since confirmed that triangulating these three places should point us to a village that is very significant to the Deshastha clan – somewhere between Usilampatti and Periyakulam.

The final line seems to be some form of mild expletive, because when uttered in front of some of the chosen ones, it results in vehement denial in the form of a response that sounds like “Thooch Pithuk” which translates to “you are Pithuk, not me“.  What Pithuk itself may mean is not yet very clear.

Dear reader, you can help me in my quest to unravel this secret. First learn the words given above by heart.  Then, whenever possible, and as often as you can, in crowded areas, in parties and wherever groups congregate give a loud rendition of this ditty.  If anyone reacts weirdly, please note down their names and addresses and pass the details on to me. 

Remember, your help could save this world!



1. akka55 - May 9, 2009

I am sure that with some more effort you will be able to find the secret without our help. All that you have to do is to go to Triplicane – the heart of the ditty, according to you – and utter the words in places of congregation of deshastas such as the narrow lanes bounded by gutters and human poo, where cows and buffoloes establish their right of way on equal footing with humans – deshastas and others; Raghavendra Swami Mutt, Kalyana Mantaps where deshasta weddings are going on and on Gudi padwa, sankaranti day in Maharashtra Niwas (not in Triplicane). Fortunately for you the two festivals are just over and you have a valid excuse to put off your search/research until the correct portents appear next year.
Passing on the pithuk back to you.
All the best

globejam - May 10, 2009

Tooch Pithuk! 🙂

2. Saritha - October 25, 2009

Wild link – aggi-pettay sounds like the telugu term for match box.

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