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Excerpts from Alien News August 12, 2015

Posted by globejam in News from around the universe.

Klodian Times.  Star date 74357.23

img_3490In a scathing indictment of the current regime, the department for passive preservation of other worlds (DPPOW) has squarely blamed the much acclaimed intelligence acceleration program (IAP) for the dramatic deterioration in the situation on planet earth.

During the recently concluded convention on frontiers of exploration, Dr. Sjoal the Director of DPPOW stated that the planet earth, discovered 70,000 years ago in sector S of the Kremolan quarter – at one time, the most promising candidate for the emergence of intelligence – has regressed dramatically over the last 7000 years. “The start of the regression coincides with the start of the ill-conceived intelligence acceleration program that experimented with genetic modification of one species of terrestrial mammal, namely Homo Sapiens”, he said.

Though there have been grumblings about this botched program for some time, this is the first time an official department has stated its opinion in such unequivocal terms.

Several studies support Dr. Sjoal. Many recent studies show that Homo sapiens have in the last 4000 years begun acting like an invasive alien species in their own world resulting in the decimation of the biodiversity on Earth. The dramatic difference in the speed of evolution of H. Sapiens (induced by the IAP) in comparison to the rest of the world, has been found to be the primary reason for an potentially intelligent lifeform’s transformation into a cancerous one.

Some of the elder Klodians will remember the heated debates before the Intelligence acceleration program was started on Earth. Finally, the allure of having another intelligent lifeform to communicate and grow with proved too tempting and despite misgivings among the scientific community, the project got the go ahead.

“If we had left the planet as it was, may be in another 100,000 years we would have had a truly intelligent neighbour, but now we may never have such a neighbour”, was the general lament from many quarters.

While there has been talk of remedial action of late, it appears that the DPPOW has strongly recommended against any such move. The current regime, worried about making a mistake again, seems to be more than willing to toe that line this time around. So, for now, the future of H.sapiens appears to be rather bleak.



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