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Breaking news – Secret rectification plans leaked August 20, 2015

Posted by globejam in News from around the universe, Sci-Fi.

Klodian Times. Stardate: 74357.72

In a startling revelation, the underground hacker organization UniSieve has released top-secret classified documents describing detailed plans to “rectify” the situation on planet earth.

Reader518_Breaking_Newss may recall, a few months ago the Department for Passive Preservation of Other Worlds (DPPOW) had published a report on the deteriorating situation on planet earth, a class 4 life bearing planet in sector S of the Kremolan quarter. The DPPOW, in its report had clearly held the current regime and its ill-conceived Intelligent Acceleration Program (IAP) responsible for the sudden mass extinction being witnessed there right now.

The current regime had subsequently published a rejoinder to the effect that they would refrain from any “corrective” action, in line with the non-interference policy that has been in place for centuries.

However, the leaked documents clearly show that the current regime has put fairly advanced plans in place to try and reverse the adverse effects of IAP.

Excerpts from the documents below:

“On critical evaluation of the behaviour of the mammal Homo Sapiens, it is clear that uncontrolled reproduction and rampant overuse of natural resources is posing the biggest threat to the overall health of the planet. It is believed that a well thought out culling exercise could quickly put the planet back on the path of recovery without reversing the  tremendous strides taken by H. sapiens in the area of science and technology”.

The document then goes into a detailed highly scientific explanation as to which strains and sub-strains of H.sapiens could be culled and which ones should be preserved.

“In summary, of the many strains, the Scandinavian strain, especially those in Denmark and Norway, exhibit the most desirable traits necessary for true intelligence to emerge. This strain, though violent in the recent past, has since shown signs of superior intelligence (compared to other strains), belief in equality and the required mindset for sustainable growth”.

To read the detailed reasoning against the preservation of other strains, you can go here.

Finally, the report clearly outlines the culling method to be used.

“In order to make the whole process appear natural and to prevent exposure of our existence, it is best that a native bio-agent be modified to affect all those containing a specific genetic sequence that is found in all strains except the Scandinavians. Modifying it to become airborne and more virulent will dramatically increase the pace of the culling process and reduce the suffering of the culled strains. Introduction of a time based sterility gene will ensure that the  virus itself will disappear within 4 Earth weeks from the time of release”.

Dr. Sjoal of DPPOW could not be reached for his comments.



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