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So Aamir Khan is worried. November 24, 2015

Posted by globejam in This is not bad. It's worse!.

Two different articles caught my eye last week.

aamirOne was a quote from Charlie Sheen’s latest girlfriend. Apparently, in the last one year since she has been going out with him, they have had sex everyday! When I mentioned this to a friend, she unnecessarily, and quite unhelpfully, I might add, pointed out that Charlie Sheen was 50 years old.

Who has sex everyday? I mean EVERY DAY!?

The other piece was an article by some Indian origin reporter stationed in Denmark about how the Muslims in India have been accepted and integrated nicely and that Europe should learn from India.

The reporter cites names of popular Muslims in India including the yesteryears actress Parveen Babi and super star Salman Khan among others to illustrate how Muslims had reached great heights because of the acceptance of Indians. He actually says, and I quote here “The long and short of it is this; Europe has failed to integrate its Muslim immigrants. India has succeeded in this endeavor…”

Though I am sure he is well-meaning and the intent of the article is good, it was an article that I found deeply flawed and illustrative of a malaise that pervades our thoughts and attitudes.

Everyday? Do even Bonobos have sex that often?!

Anyway, coming back to the topic, while most Muslims in Europe are recent immigrants, the majority of the Muslims in India are native to the region. Apart from a few who came in with the Mughals, a handful who have sneaked in from Bangladesh, an Adnan Sami here and a Taslima Nasreen there, the rest of the Muslims are as Indian as anybody else in the country.

The Indian Muslim is genetically, ethnically, and racially from this part of the world. They would have been Hindus earlier who at some time in the past converted to Islam. While the religion they adopted may have come from outside what is currently India, they themselves are no less Indian than the majority Hindu population. Unfortunately, this misconception of Indian Muslims being immigrants seems to be quite widespread, including among some of the Muslims.

Every day!? Seriously? I mean what about the days on which, she is, you know, not ready…

Now who are these Indians who “magnanimously” accept them into the community? Scratch the surface of a seemingly moderate Indian, and you will find him saying “If Aamir Khan is worried in India, he can go back to Pakistan”, as though Aamir Khan had come from there. Aamir Khan, of course, was born in Mumbai and his father was born in UP. Thankfully, this moderate Indian in all probability is only unthinking and not necessarily bigoted. However, this kind of thought process can be insidious and is symptomatic of a larger, deeper-rooted malaise that will need to be eradicated with education.

Every day! Doesn’t she ever get a headache?

Indian Muslims are first and foremost Indians. I am not saying this in a jingoistic manner or in any patriotic sense. I am saying this in the same way a typical Indian Hindu or a Christian is Indian first. Nobody asks a Christian, even somebody who is a Syrian Orthodox Christian to go back to Syria? So why do we ask a Muslim from the deep south of India, for example, to go back to Pakistan or Saudi Arabia the moment he raises an issue?

Think about that while I spend sleepless nights pondering on Charlie Sheen and his shenanigans.



1. maami - November 24, 2015

Yup, everyday, man. I hate that bastard even more now.

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