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Fear and loathing… January 29, 2016

Posted by globejam in Nonsense.

fear-and-loathing-in-las-vegas3The one based in Las Vegas was powered by drugs and alcohol. Mine was fueled by the dengue virus and some paracetamol.

I think I am prone, with my head stuck on the ground. I am transfixed by some extremely large boulders. They are white in colour and shaped like rugby balls. I hear this gnawing sound that keeps getting louder and more intense. I want to zoom out to get a better picture but I am unable to. The zoom function seems to be broken. I try the other way around and the whole picture zooms in alarmingly and immediately things are even bigger than before. Now my eyeball is almost touching the boulder and it looks more like a huge grain of rice. The gnawing is unbearable and I think it is coming from the ants that are eating the rice grains. The ants have large pincers and they are coming towards me. They no longer seem to be interested in the rice.

Now I am standing on a cobbled street right outside a traditional house. I think it is one of those streets around the temple or temple tank. I am waiting for her when I get a call from her. “Where are you?”, she asks. I say I am waiting here. She screams “Why are you waiting there? They will…”, and the line gets cut. I turn my head and see the huge dark man-woman coming at me. She tries to drive me into the house. “You cannot stand here for long and not expect to come in. Get in now”, she says, while waving both her hands and shooing me in the direction of the house like I am a flock of ducks.

Just as I am trying to avoid her, a pretty lady in a yellow and red silk saree comes out from the house. She crosses the verandah and asks with concern, “Been waiting long?”. I am about to reply, “No. Just got here”, when I realize that she thinks I have been waiting for her. I have a feeling that she is soliciting business. I get distracted by the man-woman again for a second and when I look back, the pretty woman is no longer pleased. She now looks like a barrel wearing a nine yard silk saree with the head of fat bastard and is screaming “There’s gonna be a heart ache tonight” in the voice of Glen Frey. I turn right and scoot.

I go out the gate and am looking for something. The water is knee deep and I have to retrace my steps. I come back when I see her about 100 meters down the road. She is walking away from me towards the other gate. I hasten behind her and reach the other gate as she gets into the bus. She is smiling at someone out of my view while I break into a run to catch up with her. I sink into a puddle and in next to no time, the water is lapping my upturned chin. I think she hears me for she turns and looks at me and says “22 years. Its been kinda fun” and then the bus is gone and I am still standing there trying to make sense of that ambiguous statement.

My head feels wet and I think the fever is breaking. But I cannot shake the earworm going thamasoma jyothirgamaya…



1. padmaja - January 29, 2016

my god! so crazy it is! but interesting read!

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