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About me

I am from Chennai, India.  I was born a few years before the advent of television and hence got a fleeting glimpse of life when children knew how to entertain themselves with whatever junk was available in the neighbourhood.

I speak Marathi at home, having descended from a stock that had migrated to Tanjore during the time of Sarfoji.  I am sometimes known to tell my friends (at least the gullible ones) that I am a direct descendant of Chatrapathi Shivaji. However,  in all probability my ancestors were mousy little accountants or cooks following the army at a safe distance ready to turn tail at the slightest sign of danger.

I am not sure if I will be proud or ashamed of this blog, so I don’t want anyone to know who I really am (Frankly, even I don’t know sometimes!).  If you find out, don’t tell anyone!



1. maami - April 14, 2009

Aiyla! Is it really you? 🙂

2. Sumathi Rao - January 11, 2012

Sumathi Rao: Jan. 11th 2012.
Only today I could go thro’ this blog. and could read upto sept. 2009. Very interesting. Liked it. sarita Rao’s comment about intonation is very correct. Deccani that Globejam has mentioned is the language which came up as a mixture of urdu, hindi & the local language here it is Marathi. Having done my MA in Hindi with liguuistic science I can vouch on that. and it came much after we, the desasthas left our ancestral place. It is the modern marathi which is corrupt with hindi & English now a days. The marathi spoken in villages of Maharashtra are good & old. as they are not all that good in English or Hindi.
Few points I would like to make. may be I am wrong. but still…maadi is actually marathi and mahadi it is , like we say chaadi shaana for chahadi and shahaNa and maadi is Tamil word . we have dropped that ha sound from the word as we being in Tamil Nadu –not used to it.
dimmisukattai . writer has wondered how it gets connected to laziness. because till you lift the dimmisukattai to pound the floor it remains idle in the corner (chumma).
besan preparation of dhirDa is known as thaalipeeta is it not ???
while translating samarta Ramdas’ work Dasabhoda I came across more of our Tanjavur marathi . It is the old marathi. In fact my husband was suggesting that I use Marathi dictionary as my desasta marathi is corrupt one ( like many feel). But I did not want to I have succeeded in translating the verses without any problem. That’s when I was firm in my belief that our Tanjavur marati is not corrupt.
Again coming back to languistic science any language take changes for every 20 years and every 20 miles(KM now). That’s what has happened to the marathi. All these aryan languages are from Samskirt in Bhagvat gita you could find many marati words like it is mentioned
ushta. uchishta uchishta Govind is ute in marathi.
Thanks for patient reading. In my enthusiasm I have made my comments very lengthy. Next time shall try to be short to have conversation like.

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